Estate Mapping

Effective estate management requires consistent maps and up-to-date asset information. Intrinsica’s ‘Estate Mapping’ service and tailored IT solutions provide low cost means for you and your staff to collect, maintain, analyse and report on the estate’s infrastructure and assets.

Managing the assets around the estate

Estate management is often hindered by the lack of a consistent set of maps and information detailing the location and condition of estate features and assets. Typically, this information is spread throughout many separate documents and files in the estate offices: the maps are all different scales; information is often out-of-date; and no-one is sure whether it is accurate or complete.

Intrinsica’s Estate Mapping services provides you with a consistent set of maps and information detailing the location and condition of estate features and assets. Mapping and inventory can include fences, gates, rights of way, trees, stiles, signs, water and gas utility pipelines, electricity and communication cables, etc. Estate Mapping shows how each aspect relates to all the others.

Estate Mapping is a low cost service for organisations that need to maintain, inspect, report and analyse estate features and assets. It provides a holistic and consistent set of maps with detailed supporting data. Better estate management decisions can be made when you have accurate information at your fingertips and a coherent view of all aspects of your estate in one place. It will facilitate many day-to-day estate management tasks, maintain inventory of features and furniture, and provide accurate information for your publicity and management decisions.

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See how the Box Moor Trust used Intrinsica’s Estate Mapping to create a consistant set of digital maps and improve the management of the Trust.

Solutions to suit your needs

Based on your requirements, Intrinsica will select an appropriate mapping application and develop a database and reporting system tailored for your estate. The intial maps are generated by pieceing together information gathered from various estate records, local government and utility companies. These are further refined during reviews with the estate staff. If required, Intrinsica or your own staff can carry out on-site surveys to map the undocumented features and to verify locations and layout of all the mapped features.

When the numerous sources of information and surveys are collated into a consistent set of maps, the Estate Mapping can be provided in three different ways.

Google Earth

The information will be compiled into a set of maps for viewing with Google Earth on your own PC. Google Earth™ is a free satellite image application which you can download from the Internet.

  • View any combination of feature layers, with basic information about each feature.
  • View and print maps and satellite images of estate at different scales.

Estate Mapping on-site

Depending on your estate requirements, simple mapping software and database can be installed on a PC in your estate office. This option allows you to use Estate Mapping the as part of day-to-day estate management. The database stores the condition and inspection history of each item. This data can be updated by estate staff and summary reports, work schedules and inspection schedules can be generated as required. The database and the reports are tailored to suit your estate needs.

  • View any combination of feature layers, and view/update the associated database records about each feature.
  • View and print maps and satellite images of estate at different scales, with legends and scale bars.
  • Maintain audit trail of inspections and repairs (especially important for tree safety inspections).
  • The system is easily extensible by adding new layers, new information and reports.

Estate Mapping On-line

All the maps and databases can be maintained on your behalf on-line by Intrinsca. All interaction is via the web browser on your PC, no extra software is required. All maps and data are secure and accessible only to registered staff. All the viewing, printing, database and reporting features described above are available on-line from any PC.

Going Mobile! out and about

View all the maps and data from your Android smart phone or tablet. With GPS enabled devices, you are automatically shown the maps for where you are. Carry out inspections, make note of repairs, and have it all updated on-line – no scraps of paper needed! Only available with the Estate Mapping On-line option.