Intrinsica has worked with Microsoft Access since version 1.1!  We have been involved in numerous bespoke Microsoft Access database developments as well as enhancing, upgrading, trouble-shooting, and supporting existing systems.

Custom Database Design and Development

Intrinsica will work closely with you such that we understand your business requirements and such that we can tailor the solution to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations and needs.  Your new Microsoft Access application will be customised to your specific business processes.

Our developers have numerous years’ experience in Microsoft Access development and integration with other Office-based applications such as Word, Excel, Adobe (PDF), financial applications such as SAGE, other data sources such as SQL Server and Oracle, Internet web services, and many others!  We have the skills to produce the system you need to improve your business efficiency.

Intrinsica prefer to operate on an iterative development cycle whereby developed functionality is regularly demonstrated to the customer and their feedback is received and acted upon. This approach has been proven to be successful on numerous occasions.

Our systems are designed to be easy to use, taking advantage of the rich feature set provided by Access which reduces the time required for development and user training, and therefore minimises costs.

We can work on a fixed price basis, time-and-materials, or a mixed mode depending on how fully the requirements are specified. In many cases, it isn’t possible to fully describe the requirements prior to starting a development; they can evolve during the development iterations and especially after review stages.

Database Enhancements and Upgrades, Fixes, and Support for Existing Systems

  • Do you have an Access application that needs some new features, even if it is just to do some tweaks to data fields or
  • Do you have an Access application that needs to be upgraded to a newer version?
  • Do you have an Access database application that isn’t working very well, sometimes crashes, or displays annoying error
  • Do you have an Access application that is performing badly and is painful to use?
  • Do you need occasional support for your Access database applications?

Intrinsica can solve these problems for you even if we weren’t the original developer.