Intrinsica has been working in the Education sector, and in particulare in e-Assessment and on-line examinations for a number of years.

We have provided a variety of IT consultancy services and solutions to Awarding Bodies and to companies providing on-line marking systems, e-Assessment, training, and education services.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of e-Assessment, Exam Processing, On-Line Examination Marking, and Competency systems. This has been gained via working extremely closely with awarding bodies and solution provider companies in the full project lifecyle of developing these systems and services.

Our business analysts and developers have experience in :

  • Examinations
  • Entries, Allocations, Examiners / Examiner Payments
  • Question Paper design
  • On-Line Examination Marking:
    • Security
    • Import of Awarding Body data (Centres, Components, Entries, Examiners, etc.)
    • Mark Scheme and Rubric construction / implementation
    • Examiner Training / Standardisation / Guidance
    • Marking and Quality Control
    • Mark Totalling
    • Export of Marks, etc. to Awarding Body EPS
  • Administration, Auditing, Reporting, and Process Monitoring
  • Awarding
  • Enquiries About Results

We understand the IT and business problems facing examination boards and solution providers in the e-Assessment, on-line marking, on-line testing, and competency, and can provide consultancy services in all of these areas.