Environmental & IT Consultancy

Intrinsica provides Environmental & IT consultancy to organisations, arboricultural professionals and estate managers that need to collect, maintain and present environmental and location based data. Our environmental knowledge, combined with proven IT skills and experience means we deliver effective products and services.

Your problems – our problems!

  • Environmental professionals are often faced with a mass of survey data which needs to be collated, analysed and then presented in a meaningful way to their clients. We can help with advice and tailor made IT solutions to suit your requirements and budget.
  • No more scribbled paper notes and evenings spent typing in data! On-site surveys of all types can be made more eficient and cost effective when using modern GPS/3G/Wifi smartphones and tablets.  The collected data will be transfered to other databases, GIS and Excel applications for further processing, analysis and reporting.
  • Estate management is often hindered by the lack of a consistent set of maps and information detailing the location and condition of estate features and assets. Typically, this information is spread throughout many separate documents: the maps are all different scales; information is often out-of-date; and no-one is sure whether it is accurate or complete.
  • In a world of the Internet, smartphones, iPads/tablets and online maps, are your clients’ expectations racing ahead of your current technology?
  • What is your current technology issue?

Our expertise

Our consultants combine Environmental and IT knowledge and experience to provide advice and practical solutions to organisations that need to collect, maintain, analyse and present environmental data.

We apply modern IT technologies to help environmentalists, arboricultural professionals and estate managers.

Technology Solutions & mapping software

Intrinsica has the experience and skills to provide consultancy and tailor made mapping software solutions using a range of technologies.

  • There are many low cost GIS and mapping systems available that will satisfy the needs of many of our clients. These are all compatible with Ordnance Survey maps and CAD drawing. All GIS data can be imported and exported to large scale GIS systems should the need arise.
  • Databases form the core of most systems that we supply or develop – including MSAccess, SQLServer, Postgres, Oracle. Our team has developed systems ranging from PC based database for a single user, to large database servers processing tens of millions of transactions.
  • When data sharing and collaboration are required, the best solution is often an online, secure website based on a GIS database. These systems can be accessed from any PC, MAC, laptop, note book, iPad, tablet or smart phone.
  • On-site data collection and information applications on Android phones and tablets. This apps can be stand alone, or they can be used to sync data with an online database/website.