Environmental Services

Intrinsica combines Environmental and IT consultancy to provide a range of products and services to organisations that need to collect, maintain, analyse and present environmental and location based data. We apply modern IT technologies to help environmentalists, arboricultural professionals and estate managers.

Environmental & IT Consultancy

Environmental & IT Consultancy from IntrinsicaIntrinsica provides Environmental services and IT consultancy to organisations, arboricultural professionals and estate managers that need to collect, maintain and present environmental and location based data. Our environmental knowledge, combined with proven IT skills and experience means we deliver effective products and services.

Estate Management

Estate Management by IntrinsicaEffective estate management requires consistent maps and up-to-date asset information. Intrinsica’s ‘Estate Mapping’ service and tailored IT solutions provide low cost means for you and your staff to collect, maintain, analyse and report on the estate’s infrastructure and assets.

Arboricultural Consultants

Tree Survey software for Arboricultural ConsultantsThe Arboricultural Consultants’ job of surveying trees, collecting data and preparing reports is made more efficient and cost effective when using the mobile Tree Survey (Android) application and OTISS’s online maps and reporting facilities. OTISS also enhances the range of services that consultants can offer to their clients.

Tree Safety for Landowners

Tree Safety software for LandownersAs a landowner, you have a legal responsibility to maintain the safety of the trees on your property. OTISS is a low-cost, online system for maintaining the required audit trail of safety inspections, for managing remedial works, and for working with arboricultural professionals.