Whether you are building a new database application, upgrading an existing one, or integrating data from legacy applications we have vast experience in database design and development:

  • Understanding your business needs and objectives from a user point of view.
  • Gathering Requirements and producing Functional Designs.
  • Designing database schema; efficient table structures, indexes, and relationships, providing the basis for efficient data storage, retrieval, consistency, and referential integrity of your data.
  • Database coding including views, stored procedures, triggers, and functions.
  • Securing your data.

Our database design and development team have many years experience in relational database design.

Intrinsica has produced secure, scalable solutions with up to several thousand simultaneous users and performance exceeding a thousand transactions per second.

Microsoft SQL Server is our preferred platform. Our main specialisms are database design and development, problem solving, and Performance Tuning.

We can demonstrate capabilities with other databases such as Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, and Access.